Shridhar Venkat, The Akshay Patra Foundation CEO on Non-profits, Spirituality and Leadership: TIT120

In this episode of The Inspiring Talk, I speak with Shridhar Venkat. Shridhar is the CEO of The Akshaya Patra Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides mid-day meals to children. Before lockdown, they were feeding 1.8 million children in different schools across the country. The foundation aims to take that number to 5 Million by 2025.
The man leading this foundation, Shridhar worked with multinational companies like Philips, ABB and Webex in the past. In the quest to search for his purpose in life, he ended up quitting his corporate career and take a plunge into non-profit.
In our conversation, we discuss Shridhar's childhood dream to serve the country by joining the Indian Navy, How spirituality has helped him become a better leader and we also try to bust some myths around non-profits.

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