Ep29: Back in a Groove

  Sponsored by Weavolution If you would like to support the show, become a Weavolution Patron and get access to exclusive Patron content from Erica.Where to find us:iTunes, please leave us a review on  Podcast FB Page! E-mail! We have an e-mail account, please feel free to e-mail us! Podcast Instagram: fiberatthespeedoflifepodcast Finished Objects Erica has finished one object! This handpun yarn. It was a great project and she is glad to have one FO.   THE BIN         Works in Progress Michelle continues to knit on the test knit she volunteered to do.     Michelle tried making rolags with her blending board.  This is a Shetland fleece she obtained a while back. She planned to blend it with a darker Merino also from a while back.       She opened the locks a bit then ran them though the wool picker her dad made for her. This opened the locks further.   She loaded her blending board with some of the lighter Shetland and darker Merino and started rolling it off into rolags.     The finished rolags.     Erica has started spinning another one-of-a-kind, Once in a Lifetime colourway from Fiber Optic Yarns! It is beautiful!  The Dueling Club Fingerless Mitt for TJ is coming along nicely! Here is the cloth Erica's student is weaving. :) Erica's handspun study warp #2 will be used as photographed below, a 3/1 twill, which really emphasizes the handspun yarn over the structure of anything else. 

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