Yogic Cleansing, Detoxing, Purifying And Balancing With Swami Saradananda

“Be a yoga teacher, not a preacher. I think Yoga is really something that you should live and teach from your own experience. I always look at my body, my mind just like a laboratory where I'm testing all the things I’ve heard and read. That way I feel like I'm teaching something that's authentic. --- Swami Saradananda” 

Today’s episode is a throwback from a few years back, It was originally released on Dec 3rd, 2018, but because the wisdom shared in this session by my guest Swami Saradananda is so timeless, I felt called to share this with you once again. 

In this episode, Swami Saradananda talks about yogic cleansing rituals that purify the body and mind, leading to improved health, immunity and wellbeing. 

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Swami Saradananda is an internationally renowned yoga and meditation teacher who has inspired thousands of people to practice. She has been teaching for almost forty years and is the author of several books. She teaches yoga worldwide, leads pilgrimages to India and is also a trustee of the Ganga Prem Hospice, a charity that seeks to build a cancer hospice in Rishikesh, North India.

Her new book, The Cleansing Power of Yoga, explains yogic cleansing practices known as Kriyas, which are natural ways to eliminate tension and energetic blockages. Unlike other yoga practices, they are not designed to increase strength and flexibility. Instead, they are cleansing rituals that purify your body and mind, allowing your health to improve and increase clarity as well as your overall cheerfulness.

To learn more about Swami Saradananda visit https://yogamentor.yoga/

Key Points Discussed 

  • I realized that there's one aspect of Yoga that there's really know who comes at all and that's Kriyas cleansing exercise. (5:57)

  • I wasn't particularly interested in doing Yoga. I was just interested in some kind of physical exercise and then I saw an ad. I have no idea what Yoga was, I might as well try this and as soon as I started it I found that it really works so well. (8:34)

  • I wasn't particularly interested in doing Yoga. I was just interested in some kind of physical exercise and then I saw this ad. I have no idea what Yoga was, I might as well try this and as soon as I started it I found that it really works so well. (8:34)

  • In Ashram, everything is discipline and there's a time schedule. (15:36)

  • I wanted to tell people that these Yoga exercises, they're really quite simple (21:40)

  • Kriyas are cleansing exercises (22:14)

  • Six Kriyas - These kriyas cleansing exercises for cleaning the nasal passages, for cleaning the upper digestive tract - stomach, esophagus and mouth, for cleaning the middle digestive tract - intestine, for cleaning the lower digestive tract - large intestine and colon, for cleaning the eyes, and cleaning the respiratory system. (22:32) 

  • Kapal Bhati: Respiratory system - It translates into a shining skull and if you do it regularly you'll become so purified, your face would start to shine. (23:19)

  • Neti: Nasal cleansing - Get a pot called the Neti Pot. Put half a teaspoon of sea salt and some water in. Stand over the sink and just put some of the neti pot into one nose nostril and let gravity make the water flow to cleans the nasal passages. (24:53)

  • If you want to do Yoga, you just make time for it. Once you make time for it, it becomes part of your routine. (30:58)

  • A lot of people are afraid to speak in public. I've learned that if you just do it you'll find that there's really nothing to be afraid of. (40:50)

  • It's important to face things that you're afraid of. (41:23)

  • Someone said to me just don't worry about what they're saying because it doesn't change who you are and then I realized that's true. What I am, what I've done, is I know who I am and that's the most important thing. (46:32)

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