Brian Murray of Shift Capital

Brian is a seasoned entrepreneur who strives to be a catalyst for positive change. Through his work at Shift, Brian is focused on finding better solutions at the intersection of society’s most difficult urban challenges - intergenerational poverty, urban revitalization, access to opportunity, and community displacement. Shift Capital is a national leader in creating more inclusive neighborhoods. Shift’s first fund, Shift Neighborhood Fund, takes a place-based approach to neighborhoods in North Philadelphia that have suffered decades of neglect.  Through inclusive economic strategies, mission-aligned capital, and a community focus, Shift has sought to change the narrative around how communities can benefit from positive change.   Brian is a Peace Corps alumnus and a MBA graduate of Yale School of Management. Related links for this episode:· Shift Capital· SHIFT on Instagram· SHIFT on Twitter· J-centrel· J-centrel on Instagram· Jumpstart Kensington· Smith a Roller· The Menkiti Group· Mosaic Development Partners· Trust Neighborhoods· Seawall Be sure to support this podcast by subscribing and reviewing! Visit Authentic Form a Function for more information: © 2021 Authentic Form a Function

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