#34 David Kadavy (Bestselling Author a Host, Love Your Work) - How well are we connecting with our curiosity?

Episode #34: David KadavyWe are thrilled to have with us today the amazing David Kadavy - Bestselling author of The Heart to Start a Design For Hackers, a creative entrepreneur, and host of Love your Work Podcast. David started out as a curious web designer, working with startups and freelancing, he wanted to figure out a way to design smarter, for code, so he wrote about it in order to learn, and that eventually got him to write Design for Hackers and teaching others along the way. Later on, he got the writing and self-publishing bug and wrote his bestselling book of The Heart to Start and How to write a book, which got him to rethink what books are today in this new digital age, and how we can learn from that and use it to our advantage.In this episode, David shared his inspiring perspectives and insights on self-publishing, connecting with our curiosity, creative resistance, forming habits and setting priorities for our goals. Wheather you're a creative, an entrepreneur, marketer or just starting out - this episode will give you tons of value and knowledge to reach your goals.This is the ninth episode of the third season of the Hacking UI podcast - 'Scaling a Career'.In this season we have 10 amazing guests for you, who are leaders and influencers from a variety of different backgrounds. Design managers, development leaders, entrepreneurs and product geniuses that we admire, and we'll be sharing a new episode every Thursday.Attention! A very special announcementThis episode is different than any other episode we’ve done so far, because, besides being recorded for audio, this was also transmitted as a Facebook LIVE interview to a closed Facebook group of creative entrepreneurs called - Mindful and Ruthless - where I (Sagi), personally interview experts about building personal brands, online businesses, passive revenue streams, and much more!So, if you liked the episode and the Hacking UI Podcast, I would LOVE to invite you to join  - “Mindful and Ruthless” on Facebook, where I’ll be launching a series of these kinds of interviews on FB LIVE videos once a week, and also, I’m happy to announce that this will be my new podcast!So if you’re a creative entrepreneur and you’re interested in online marketing, building a personal brand and an online business, generating passive income and building an online presence in general - then I think you’ll feel right a home and would love the group and its content.Check out this episode LIVE VIDEO on Facebook →JOIN the Mindful and Ruthless community →Please support our amazing sponsorsInvision:This episode is brought to you by Invision, an amazing product design platform that you probably already know about.The education team over at Invision created a magnificent source of quality learning material for product designers. 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We started this podcast in order to learn and would love to see others learn from it too. Show your love #2 - Leave a review: Review us on iTunes and tell us which guest you'd like us to bring on the show next. When you review us it lets us know that you like the show and that we should keep doing it. Check out the following image, which describes exactly how to leave a review in one minute.Show your love #3 - Share: Share this page on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you can :) Key points from this episode: Learn about David’s background as a designer and how and how he turned to be an entrepreneur, best selling author, and a podcaster. [00:08:12] Learn about the process of writing books - and how that is a great opportunity to rethink what books are and get some tips for doing so. [00:14:40] David shares some interesting perspectives about writing and methods that will help you to get past that creative resistance and form it as a habit. [00:17:36] Get tips! for whoever wants to write but don’t know how to start. (Hint: Tiny Habits.) [00:23:00] Find out how David decided to be better in writing, and how he made a business out of it. [00:27:00] David shares some interesting insights on connecting with your inner kid and curiosity, and how you need to fill up your day with things that make you that feeling. [00:32:40] Learn about the decisions need to be made and setting priorities a commitments right. [00:37:00] Find out which one of the people that David interviewed have made the biggest impact on him and why. (Hint: in the links from the show) [00:42:30] The lightning round - get inspiring tips from David, for people that are starting out, recommendation for a quality podcast, tools for marketing and selling books. [00:43:40] About The Hacking UI Podcast The Hacking UI podcast is hosted by Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner, a designer, and developer who are also both entrepreneurs, bloggers, productivity/time-hacking maniacs, and all around tech geeks. We are thrilled to launch the third season of the Hacking UI podcast, where we hack our way through product design, development, and creative entrepreneurship.Our first season, was called ‘Scaling a Design Team’, the Second season was called ‘Scaling a Side Project’ and we’ve decided to call this season - ‘Scaling a Career’.In this season we have 10 amazing guests for you, who are leaders and influencers from a variety of different backgrounds. We have design managers, development leaders, entrepreneurs and product geniuses.

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