16. Constant Fear of Emotion to Confident Allowance: Client Conversation with Debra

Welcome back to another episode! Today I announce The Invincible Mastermind - a six month group coaching program designed to transform you into an emotionally invincible person. We kick off with a retreat in Waco, and spend the next six months working together to deal with everything in the way of becoming who you want to be. To find out more go to https://www.bythewaycoaching.com/invincible-2021. Hurry, applications close Monday night, September 13th, 2021 at 11:59pm! The deadline is to make sure we have the numbers ready for catering and other services at the retreat. If you missed the deadline but still want to be part of The Mastermind, email me at laura@bythewaycoaching.com

Today Debra and I talk about her transformation from a person who was terrified all the time of other people's negative emotion. She felt responsible for all of it, and couldn't stand it if someone wasn't perfectly happy. And now, she is totally free and so much more at peace, and we walk you through exactly how she did it and what it looked like. 

Bonus: we do a live coaching about an unexpected unveiling of a secret narcissist in her life. You'll get to witness in real time an unrehearsed coaching about Debra's thoughts about this person and how we help her manage "the cringe" among other emotions. 

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