Diversifying Wellness with Maryam Ajayi

What is wellness and who is it for? Outside of the colorful healthy smoothies and Lululemon branded yoga classes we see on our Instagram feeds, what does wellness really mean in 2020? 

Maryam Ajayi has a lot to teach us about the wellness world and its blind spots when it comes to racial diversity and inclusion. She argues that the world and industry of wellness has a long way to go until it prioritizes the health and wellness of all people. 

In this candid conversation she shares her personal journey from Republican lobbyist to wellness practitioner. She also outlines her vision of a more equitable and healthy world, and shares how we can get there, one breath at a time. 

Show Notes: 

  1. Learn more about Maryam Ajayi on her website and Instagram, as well as her organization Dive in Well
  2. Maryam's go-to comfort meal for loved ones is a roast chicken
  3. Maryam's go-to karaoke song is "Kiss By a Rose" by Seal 

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