Driving Change with Kamal Bali, MD of Volvo Group India

Long and illustrious careers are usually bolstered by hundreds of stories and anecdotes, a lifetime of experiences; moulding an astute business lens in the process - and we have proof.

We’re in conversation with Mr. Kamal Bali, President & Managing Director at Volvo Group, India. Mr. Bali has been spearheading top global and Indian brands as President & CEO for two decades, and has established a number of multinational corporations in India. Having accumulated precious cross-functional knowledge, Mr. Bali is respected for his value-based leadership and professionalism with a strong ethos. 

Fun fact: He has also been knighted and awarded one of Sweden’s highest honours by Their Majesties, the King and Queen of Sweden!

In the MICAST Studio, we discussed:

14:07 - Sustainable rapid innovation, and the future of mobility 

18:00 - Advice for young entrepreneurs

20:59 - Artificial intelligence and the human touch, in application

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