#94 Discord Inferno

Support the podkitchen on Patreon! 00:00-00:30: Jesse sings a raucous tune 00:30-3:20: Jesse asks Lance how the hell he is and Lance plug uglies his recording on September 26 3:20-11:00 The chefs prepare a meal hirsch with some meal prep surrounding the latest hot ryan goss from the discord. Jesse is scared of his canvas from which he creates his comedy art. 11:00-17:30: Jesse ambled around Astoria and enjoy a Jason Street fair. Lance had a rare outing in which he socialized with comedians and ate cheesecake. 17:30-55:27: The chefs pound the pavement and share their top 9 street foods 55:27-1:00:40: Phil shares his predictions for road dawg Jesse. Lance shares some minor ryan gossip 1:00:40-1:07:56: Lance doesn't get the Steve from Blues Clues memes. Jesse eats some bloody brilliant buffalo wings. 1:07:56-Close: The chefs bring in the closer and strike out the side to wrap up another all-star ep

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