The Engineering Ecosystem

On Episode 4 of The GSC Podcast, Brandon, the host, talks to Dale Rice, a fellow Technical Account Specialist at GSC. Between Dale and Brandon together, they've visited and had conversations with 800-1,000 companies over the last 2 years. Having that number of conversations starts to provide insight about healthy engineering ecosystems and unhealthy ones. On this episode, we discuss an analogy of how the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park can be similar to an engineering department. What makes a healthy engineering ecosystem, and how small changes can have ripple effects throughout a department or organization. If you're interested in seeing the video that is referenced at the beginning of the episode visit the following link: a really good guide to follow to create best practices, the company Basecamp has shared theirs. It's a really good starting point worth checking out: you want to talk to someone about items related to your ecosystem, feel free to reach out at

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