Packaging, The Last Frontier of Cost Savings

Episode of 3 of The GSC Podcast is an interview with Joe Messenger, the engineering manager at FCA Packaging.FCA Packaging is a manufacturer of custom packaging for shipping non-commodity type items. Think turbine blades, diesel engines, generators, and other large, industrial type applications. In the interview, Joe and I talk about FCA Packaging adopting simulation tools for structural analysis. We then move into how Joe established a best practices document for his team to use when approaching simulation and why that is important. Finally, we talk more generally about process improvement. The conversations are generally applicable to any engineering department. And well-worth the 45 minute listen. Note: In this podcast episode, you'll hear structural analysis, simulation, FEA, finite element analysis. All of them are referencing SOLIDWORKS Simulation and its ability to calculate displacements and stresses under loading. You may hear some terminology that isn't quite accurate, such as yield stress for wood, however, this is how the software displays it, so it's worded that way. If you have any questions about terminology, or other general questions as it relates to the episode, reach out at Brandon.donnelly@gsc-3d.comIf after listening to the episode you have usage for some additional packaging, please stop by the FCA Packaging websites shown below:FCAPackaging.comCollapsiblepackaging.comA couple other items Joe mentions that may be worth checking out:TrelloJotFormZapier

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