Recycling and Repurposing Data

Large companies have teams of analysts who leverage the large scale of the company to squeeze out big dollars from small changes. The recycling of data is one of those things that big companies are making use of, that small companies generally aren't doing as thorough of a job with. On this episode of the GSC podcast, I share a story of the 10 generations of Honda Civics, how their design was inspired by the changes in the design tool technology and the sharing of data, and I leave you with 3 different ideas on how to reuse the data you've created while designing your product.Listen to this podcast and figure out how to extract maximum value from your data. If you have questions following the episode, please reach out:e: || p: (630) 834-2233 x4101P.S. If you're interested in looking at the 10 generations of Honda Civics, please download the document at following link:

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