Modern Marketing, Product Remarkability and 3D Printing

Marketing and product design aren't separate skills anymore. Engineers need to think like marketers and vice versa.Tesla spends zero in advertising dollars vs. major automotive makers who spend $1-$4 billion. Yet, Tesla is still selling hundreds of thousands of vehicles. How are they getting so much bang, for zero bucks?The secret lies in making remarkable products.On this episode, I talk toilet paper history, Tesla, courage, and 3D Printing. Tying it all back to marketing. By listening to this episode, you'll gain some perspective on the technological shifts that have only happened within the last decade, and get a more concrete idea to make it work for you. Go ahead, put those headphones in while you walk, or sync your phone with bluetooth while you commute. It'll be worth the 13 minutes. For more information after listening to the episode: I've recently started documenting things that stand out as a remarkable product to jog creativity of ways to be different. I'm compiling them in photos on Instagram: There is a lot of food because it's such a common commodity that anyone in the food business needs to stand out, and because people shop for food more than any other item, so it's more likely to come across unique foods. You'll also see a digital painting, some laser cut wood art, a unique aesthetic on a toolbox and more as it grows. is the link to Toyota cutting their marketing budget to invest in product.  Here is a link to learn about a couple different kinds of 3D Printers. The HP line is better for high quantities and Markforged is better for strong parts. To give yourself a sense of the return on this kind of investment, I've built a spreadsheet of some things to think through, you can view it here: The guide to testing this business model is available at the following link:  If you want to chat about the information presented, you can reach Brandon Donnelly at or call him at (630) 834-2233 x4101. You'll also see about 1 episode a month, and we'll continue to polish our sounds, add guests, discuss even beter topics! Please subscribe. 

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