101: Pure Gliding Over New Zealand: Tim Bromhead Interview

Today on this episode we have a guest host and guest pilot! Chuck hands the microphone over to Clemens Ceipek as he interviews glider pilot Tim Bromhead of the famous youtube channel Pure Glide! Tim is an active contest pilot and Flies out of Piako Gliding Club in the north island of New Zealand.  The site is also close to the famous Hobbiton where Lord Of The Rings was filmed. How did Tim got hooked on gliders?  What is it like flying in one of the most amazing soaring sites on the planet? All this and some great stories Tim shares with us as well. 

(44:38) Flying Simon brings us another Simon Says segment and some stories about some gliders you probably never knew existed  and the people that flew them. 

(48:45) Sergio The Soaring Master shares a lesson in cross country and checkpoints.




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