RNN174 - Reef Gear Roundup: The Extras (2021)

A promising study from PIPA, Aquatic Expo, and Reef Gear Roundup: The Extras. This week Peter gives Jeremy the floor to discuss his tank update and some goings-on while he was away. All this and more on Episode 174 of the Reef News Network.

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Jeremy- Some coral communities are becoming more heat tolerant as ocean temperatures rise, offering hope for corals in a changing climate. After a series of marine heatwaves hit the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA) in the central Pacific Ocean, a new study finds the impact of heat stress on the coral communities lessened over time.

Peter- Welcome to the Aquatic Expo: The Date: April 2-3, 2022 The Location: Atlanta, GA This 2 day fresh and marine aquatic marketplace will provide an intimate footprint which will focus on attracting new hobbyists while providing experienced hobbyists direct access to exhibitors and unique retail opportunities.

Main Topic:
We find that there are three camps in the reefing world, those who love gadgets and reef, those who love livestock and the gear is whatever and those who love both! The unsung Heroes, the Extra's the often-overlooked items that can make all the difference with your reef will be the stars of the show in this episode. Even though we are calling this episode 7 great items for your reef, we will provide options, so you can find one or a few of these items that work for your budget and reefstyle!

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