Night Vision + Questing - The Ultimate Tarkov Success Formula? | Raid Stories From Shoreline Event | Exfil Episode 75 (An Escape From Tarkov Podcast)

Exfil is an Escape From Tarkov Podcast

In this episode, MTBtrigger and Ronal talk about targeting a level or objective and the strategy and mindset they use to reach their goals.  

This conversation leads to an in-depth discussion on when the pair queues in to raids and what types of decisions are made before loading into a raid - what is the weather, what time will I be loading into the map, should I run a scav raid to optimize when I load in, and many more.

Ronal stunned MTBTrigger with his progress over the last week.  Specifically his progress during night raids.  The combination of the Shoreline event - Reshala and Sanitar both active on 100% of Shoreline raids and in the same area - and night vision questing led to a deep dive on how to utilize night vision and shines a light (haha) on a “game mode” that MTBtrigger only utilizes for tasks that require it.

How often do you run night raids while questing?

Are there more risks when running night raids or is the relatively lower scav danger worth it?

All this and more in the episode!


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