Episode 6: Eyes of Laura Mars

On this episode of It’s the Pictures That Got Small, Karina Longworth and Nate DiMeo are joined by screenwriter, Michael Green! Join them as they gyrate in front of the flaming wreckage of an overturned Cadillac El Dorado in late seventies Manhattan/watch Eyes of Laura Mars! To follow Karina on Twitter, click here. To follow Nate, click here. The exceptional Michael Green? Here. Subscribe to You Must Remember This and The Memory Palace, while you’re at it. www.smallpicturesshow.com We hope you’ll join us in donating to The Art-House America Campaign to support independent film exhibitors. Stuff Discussed in this Episode: Classic Disney shorts The Spy Who Came in From the Cold Journey to Italy Pressure Point The Empire Strikes… oh EXCUSE me, I meant Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back Eyes of Laura Mars Prisoner (Love Theme to Eyes of Laura Mars) Rebecca Blake music videos Terry O’Neill portrait of Faye Dunaway Mad Magazine’s Eyes of Lurid Mess The Amazing Howard Hughes Next Week: We’re watching the director’s cut of Amadeus with producer, Stacey Sher! Credits This show was produced with engineering assistance from Elizabeth Aubert. Our theme music is by WMD. All the little harp pieces are composed just for this show by the remarkable Mary Lattimore. Our show logo comes from Nate’s Uncle Matt.

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