Fonz Morris

You know, I’ve interviewed hundreds of Black creatives over the years, but none of them have had the enthusiasm that Fonz Morris possesses. He is the growth design lead at online learning platform Coursera, where he oversees a staff of talented designers from all over. We talked about hiring, diversity and inclusion, and he gave some great advice for up and coming designers looking to land their dream job. Fonz also shared his story of growing up in Brooklyn and teaching himself architecture, going to college in Atlanta, starting his own music distribution platform and creative agency, and how those experiences led him to where he is today. Fonz is all about pursuing his dreams, and after you hear his words of wisdom, you’ll be inspired to go out and do the same! Fonz Morris’ Website Fonz Morris on Instagram Fonz Morris on LinkedIn Fonz Morris on Twitter RECOGNIZE is a design anthology featuring essays and commentary from indigenous people and people of color — the next generation of emerging design voices. The theme for Volume 2 is "fresh", and the deadline for submissions this year is April 30. Details are at MODA and Revision Path present Creative Atlanta 2020, an interview series highlighting Black creatives in Atlanta ranging from an award-winning cellist to a Harvard GSD Loeb Fellow. Our first conversation takes place on March 26 with Okorie "OkCello" Johnson. Click here for tickets! Like this episode? Then subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, or wherever you find your favorite shows. Subscribe and leave us a 5-star rating and a review! Thanks so much to all of you who have already rated and reviewed us! Revision Path is brought to you by Lunch, a multidisciplinary creative studio in Atlanta, GA. Looking for some creative consulting for your next project? Then let's do lunch! You can also follow Revision Path on Instagram and Twitter. Come chat with us! And thank you for listening!

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