155: Andrea Williams

We're ending out our month of legacies by checking in with Andrea Williams, an art director and self-professed budding calligrapher in Detroit. Speaking of Motor City, that's where our conversation began. We talked about what it's like working for a global ad agency, and then moved into an exploration of the Detroit design scene. From here, Andrea discussed how she got started with hand lettering, her time at Wayne State University, and what it's like for her being a Black woman in the advertising industry. Thanks for the insightful words Andrea! Andrea Williams' 2013 Interview Andrea Williams' Website Paisley Paper Co. on Instagram 15% off all t-shirts in the Revision Path store when you use offer code SUPERSHIRT at checkout! Offer expires on August 30! http://revisionpath.com/store Come join the Revision Path community on Slack! http://revisionpath.com/slack We're on iTunes and Stitcher as well! Visit http://revisionpath.com/iTunes or http://revisionpath.com/stitcher, subscribe, and leave us a 5-star rating and a review! Thanks so much to all of you who have already rated and reviewed us! Interested in sponsoring the Revision Path podcast? Head on over to http://revisionpath.com/donate and help support the show!

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