153: Kronda Adair

I had the pleasure of first interviewing Kronda for the site back in 2013, and it has been amazing to see her progress over the years. As the founder of Karvel Digital, Kronda develops WordPress websites and gives business owners the training they need to own and manage their digital presence. We spent a lot of time talking about how Kronda built her business, including what she's learned over the years and how she's taken that knowledge and distilled it into her latest project: Websites That Work. We also had a pretty candid conversation about diversity in both the technology and information marketing spaces. Kronda is a force to be reckoned with, and I'm eager to see what she's going to do next! Kronda Adair's 2013 Interview Karvel Digital Get Started with Karvel Digital Karvel Digital on Twitter Karvel Digital on Facebook Kronda Adair's Website Kronda Adair on Twitter Kronda Adair on Instagram "How I Learned to Run a Successful Web Business" "Seven Leadership Lessons for Minorities (And Everyone Else)" Kronda Adair's Tech Journey "My Nerd Story" Check out the Revision Path Store, and buy specially branded t-shirts, mugs, and buttons to help support the show! http://revisionpath.com/store -- FREE shipping until August 19! Come join the Revision Path community on Slack! http://revisionpath.com/slack Join us on Wednesday, August 17 for this month's AMA chat with special guest Catt Small! We're on iTunes and Stitcher as well! Visit http://revisionpath.com/iTunes or http://revisionpath.com/stitcher, subscribe, and leave us a 5-star rating and a review! Thanks so much to all of you who have already rated and reviewed us! Interested in sponsoring the Revision Path podcast? Head on over to http://revisionpath.com/donate and help support the show!

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