149: De Nichols

When I first asked De Nichols what title she would give herself, she said "I'm a curator of creative connections. A civic matchmaker. A creator." Pretty nice, right? De is more than just a title though -- her work helps changemakers nationwide actualize creative solutions to issues that matter most to them and their communities. We started off talking about her current work, including her activism work in Ferguson. We also talked about her organization Civic Creatives, and she gave some great advice on what designers can do to get involved in their communities to make change. De is such an upbeat and powerful force, and her enthusiasm for making the world a better place is infectious! De Nichols' Website De Nichols on Facebook De Nichols on Twitter De Nichols on YouTube De Nichols' Vlog Channel Civic Creatives === The Revision Path Store is now open! Buy specially branded t-shirts, mugs, and buttons and help support the show! http://revisionpath.com/store === Come join the Revision Path community on Slack! http://revisionpath.com/slack === We're on iTunes and Stitcher as well! Visit http://revisionpath.com/iTunes or http://revisionpath.com/stitcher, subscribe, and leave us a 5-star rating and a review! Thanks so much to all of you who have already rated and reviewed us! Interested in sponsoring the Revision Path podcast? Head on over to http://revisionpath.com/donate and help support the show!

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