In episode 41, today we're talking about moneyyyyy baby! Mikayla is walking you through the EXACT steps needed to change up your old money mindset, which is keeping your financial situation stuck AF. These are the things she journaled through when transitioning from a bank account of nearly zero to $5k months in business. Mikayla is taking you through the mindset, magic and manifestation steps needed to make the money rain! // Get the money workbook HERE!  In this episode: + What's a money story  + Rewriting your beliefs about money + Money should be your BFF + All the money manifesting hacks The Mindset Magic a Manifestation Method, Mikayla's SIGNATURE program, is officially opening its doors for round two!!! 12 weeks, a trip to Cancun and a life transformation? Doors close January 4th!! // SIGN UP HERE!  MINDSET MAGIC a MANIFESTATION DAILY RITUAL // CLICK HERE!  SPIRITUAL SPLURGE - Essential Oil Diffuser // My brother got me the oil diffuser from the brand Better Home with a lavender vanilla oil! Let your diffuser run to relax and spiritually hot box your house! Can't get enough? Check out the blog at mikaylajai.com and on Insta @themikaylajai --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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