EPISODE 14: SELF-CARE 101 // beyond the bubble bath

In episode 14, Mikayla talks about the importance of self-care in personal growth and redefines what it means. Contrary to Instagram stories and such, it goes beyond bubble baths and face masks. Self-care can be taking 10 minutes to meditate or an hour to read. It can be going to the park and swinging just because you feel like it. "Take time to make your soul happy." Shoutout to this episode's sponsor: My confidence calls! I've pulled myself out of the routine life of playing catch up, doing what I’m “supposed to”, and feeling on the edge 24/7. It’s time I share my secret methods with you, too. Confidence calls are 60-minute one-on-one calls with yours truly (me). In these 60-minutes, we are going to identify the ONE thing that is limiting every aspect of your life and free you from just that thing. To claim your 60-minute call check out mikaylajai.com/confidence-calls DON'T FORGET use the code 'PODCAST' for 15% off! Can't get enough? Check out the blog at mikaylajai.com! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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