#016-Thriving Stylist Spotlight - Callie McWhirter

Today I am bringing you another amazing Thriving Stylist Spotlight, and I’m talking to my friend Callie McWhirter. I met Callie almost two years ago through my Thrivers Society program that she joined as a brand new stylist (actually she was still in cosmetology school at the time)! Callie knew that she needed some kind of guidance as far as how to build a real strong clientele right from the start, and I feel so fortunate to have been with her through her entire professional journey. From the moment I met Callie in person at my most recent retreat, I knew she was something special. Today you’re going to hear how Callie was able to find her calling, and how she grew her clientele naturally while based in a small town in Texas. I knew Callie had a story that we had to share, so I’m really excited to have her here with us to tell it! If you’re not already following us on Instagram, @thethrivingstylist, what are you waiting for? This is where I share pro tips every single week, along with winning strategies, testimonials and amazing breakthroughs from my audience. You’re not going to want to miss out on this! Learn more at: https://thethrivingstylist.com/podcast/016   

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