Finding Empowerment through Financial Freedom (Tori Dunlap, HerFirst100k)

If we told you someone's online audience grew from 30,000 to two million in just one year, would you believe us? That's Tori Dunlap's reality.

After starting a blog about life as a woman in her 20's while she was still working full-time in marketing, Tori found herself answering questions about all things finance on a consistent basis. Not only that, but she realized that all things finances were actually the thing that ignited her passions.

Then came HerFirst100k, Tori's business dedicated to serving women all over the world and empowering them to invest, pay off debt, conquer job interviews, and more. In this episode of Everything Is Teachable, Tori tells us all about where she started before HerFirst100k, how setting boundaries was a pivotal moment in her business, why you shouldn't shy away from charging what you're worth, and so much more.

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