Your Secret Weapon Against Toxic People [Episode 15]

Finding yourself is determining who you are without external labels. When it comes to self-discovery, ask yourself, “Who are you?” Most people probably have trouble answering that question. We live in a society where a good number of people have lost their sense of self. That’s why you see books, podcasts, and programs about how to find your authentic self. We tell people to look within. We know that means self-reflection or introspection, but what are you supposed to be looking for exactly? What questions should you ask yourself? In addition to answering those questions, I will talk about your secret weapon against toxic people. Key Points for This Episode 1. Making the distinction between something being simple and something being easy can drastically change your outlook. 2. Crafting your personal portfolio 3. Defining your core values 4. Defining your boundaries This is a direct download to my Personal Manifesto template.

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