Dealing With Toxic Family Members [Episode 8]

This is a touchy subject. There aren’t any easy answers, but there are answers. There are hard truths that may be difficult to accept. Always seek the advice of a professional before making any major decisions. On today's episode: [1:59] 1. People who are controlling, meddling [8:01] 2. People who won’t let you grow and change [10:55] 3. People who like to pick fights [13:10] 4. People who play the victim [13:58] 5. People who withhold affections [15:40] Solutions [16:21] – Taking the direct approach [16:47] – When the direct approach doesn’t work [17:43] – Why putting distance between you and toxic family can be a healing thing [18:55] – The downside of putting distance between you and toxic family [20:13] – A case study on drawing the line [21:10] - Showing compassion to toxic family Subscribe/rate/review I would be most grateful Until next time, I wish you peace in the midst of toxic people. Take care AmazingDecember 26, 2019 by Bentbutnotbroken74 from United StatesI love this podcast and I needed this info and positive but yet straight shooting delivery! Thank you!EmpoweringSeptember 29, 2019 by CamSays from United StatesI really appreciate Dr. Shayla’s ‘practical advice’ on dealing with toxic people. She encourages her listeners to take responsibility where they can, to learn that their own self love and respect is the most powerful force to use in relationships. She reminds you of your power so you can stop feeling like a victim. I agree with another commenter- PLEASE get new intro music!!! The current dissonance makes my ears bleed and is, well.....toxic to my enjoyment of the podcast.Love this!September 17, 2019 by Loopylooloo9999 from United StatesI listen to these over and over especially when I’m unsatisfied at work or dealing with difficult situations. Shayla always gives me a different perspective!7 Reasons why toxic people...September 3, 2019 by HMSDesign from United StatesI’m in Love with Shayla D Williams, so insightful. I learned a lot about myself and some of the toxic people I’ve aloud in my life. This show is something I can take with me in all my budding relationshipsDirect!August 22, 2019 by JennieBeanParachutePants from United StatesI appreciate how direct Dr. Shayla is. The information is great for a lay person.Love Dr. ShaylaAugust 19, 2019 by ashcat310 from United StatesMy new favorite pod!!! Love the tough love ❤️Thank you!!July 12, 2019 by x3_selegna from United States?Count Paris VeronaJune 16, 2019 by P Verona from United StatesAwesome ‼️get rid of that awful music!!June 15, 2019 by Nuu22 from United StatesThe podcast is great and helpful and quippy. But PLEASE get rid of that intro and outro music. So not serious and annoying sounding.You are the G.O.A.T!June 5, 2019 by MKW03 from United StatesBeing new to the podcast world I didn’t know where to begin. Your podcast was the first thing that popped up, so I gave it a try and I thank god I did. Your podcast came in my life right on time, just when I thought my life was the worse, I had no way of viewing situations or handling them. I had issues with saying no, I worried about what people thought, I had no self esteem. But your podcast has shown me I am better, and who cares what people think. You’ve shown me I can take up for myself and I deserve and I demand respect. Thank you!An answer to my prayers!June 1, 2019 by C-Sharpness from United StatesDoes podcast help me defend myself in a much more affective way and avoid a lot of possible hurt and frustration during a very difficult time at work. I don’t know how I would’ve survived without it. Thank you!!!.So goodMay 29, 2019 by Has a glitch from United StatesIf there’s someone in your life you suspect to be toxic to your life, you must listen. Or, if possibly there’s an aspect/aspects of life you want to change, you must listen. Anyone could benefit from this podcast!Eye opening a straightforward!May 15,

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