Toxic People vs Difficult People- What’s the Difference? [Episode 3]

Toxic People are difficult, but not all difficult people are toxic.  In this episode, we explore the difference between a toxic person and a difficult person.  Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, I do make a distinction. 1:16 - Why being difficult is not always a bad thing. 5:08 - Gas-lighting and why it's so insidious 7:26 - What to do when someone is gas-lighting you in a conversation 7:37 - Being polite vs being assertive 8:34 - How I got over the fear of being impolite 9:30 - Where is the threshold between being difficult and being toxic 10:58 - The key to dealing with difficult people and toxic people 12:09 - Recap of the first 4 episodes 13:11 - Who is to blame for my troubles 14:02 Episode recap Subscribe, rate and review.  I would be most grateful!  

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