What Is The Toxic People Detox? [Episode 0]

What is The Toxic People Detox? The term “toxic people” was coined by psychologist Dr. Lillian Glass.  The word “toxic” is a substance that can cause harm to living organisms.  As a noun, the word “detox” means the process of ridding oneself of unhealthy or toxic substances.  Realistically, we cannot always physically remove toxic people from our lives.  The good news is that might not always be necessary. The toxic people detox is a practical approach to finding peace in the midst of toxic people.  The most important rule is to protect yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, etc.  It is not about changing toxic people, but rather changing how you respond to them.  This puts you in a powerful position. Believe it or not, you are not really focusing on toxic people that much at all.  It’s like a sugar detox.  The more you focus on sugar, the more you crave it.  It is more effective to focus on delicious, nourishing recipes that are devoid of sugar.  This trains your body not to crave sugar.  Likewise, it’s amazing how empowered you feel when your focus is not on toxic people, but rather on creating an amazing life.  However, there is a such thing as going too far in the opposite direction when you NEVER think about them.  That’s just as unhealthy.  Acknowledge them, but don’t let them dominate your thinking.  Easier said than done and that’s why this this podcast exists.

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