Taking Life As It Comes

Kerry David lives for taking life as it comes and uncovering new passions in her life in the most unexpected places. And once she finds a passion, she'll lock on to fully embracing it in her life no matter what anyone says or how unrealistic the dream might be. Followed her heart has taken her in many many different directions. From traveling the world and working with women on the front line of the war on poaching, to working with Tom Cruise and producing movies that have grossed over $100M at the box office. Kerry is a great example of someone who doesn't live by a carefully laid out plan. She truly takes life as it comes. The only rule she has is to never take no for an answer. SOME QUESTIONS I ASK KERRY: How did you land your dream job in Hollywood? How do you find your passion and purpose? How do you make a movie for peanuts? LINKS FROM THE INTERVIEW: Kerry's Website Kerry's Instagram Kerry on Facebook Link to My Date With Drew Over And Above Africa Website  

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