212 - Human Nature

Exposure;the state of being exposed to contact with something. Seeing something or experiencing something outside of what you normally see. On today’s podcast the guys talk about things that they were exposed to that literally changed the trajectory of their lives. E tells a story about a mentor who showed him fancy restaurants and hotels. CJ talks about the impact ET had on him when they first started traveling and speaking. All of the guys discuss how critical exposure was then, and how critical exposure is now on the journey to success. What are you exposing yourself to? Are you intentionally putting yourselves in environments that will push you to become great? If not this podcast will light the fire for you to do so.  The Secret to Success Topics: [03:30] - MLK Day [15:37] - Exposure  [34:23] - People Live Like This [48:21] - Obedience and Destiny [1:07:00] - Nugget of The Day Listener Perks: Organifi is giving our listeners 20% off of their order just go to www.organifi.com/success. Their superfood green juice powder allows you to get your greens anytime anywhere while on the go. Study when it’s convenient for you and take your mobile classroom wherever you go. Earn a quality online degree at an accredited college and enjoy all the benefits of the Ashford experience:   www.Ashford.edu/success DCinvestllc.com Invest in real estate in the DMV area Secrets 2 Success: Before a seed can grow it has to die. The dark parts are important because it weeds people out of your life. People abort their mission so fast because it doesn’t look like what they want it to. Exposure is more important than money.  Exposure gives you the process that gets you to the end. ET Events:  1% Tour Make Real Estate Real You Ain’t The Boss of Me Houston Feb 9 Extreme Execution Coaching - Feb 22-23 Game Changers  Get connected with a network of over 3,500 people who listen to ET, and embodies the work ethic and spirit of ET. To learn more about Breathe University. Subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts. 

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