Leslie Witt, Chief Design Officer at Headspace Inc.

Leslie Witt, Chief Design Officer at Headspace Inc. www.MeettheCreatives.org https://linktr.ee/meetthecreativesny   Leslie Witt is the Chief Design Officer at Headspace,  a global leader in mindfulness and meditation with  more than 65 million downloads across 190 countries.   Leslie and her design, research and brand team play  a critical role in understanding our member needs,  as well as conceiving and delivering best-in-class  member experiences, from consideration through  the entire member lifecycle. Leslie has a design and  innovation background, and her passion is creating  market-ready, relevant, sustainable and ‘good for the  world’ offerings. Leslie spent the last several years focused on  improving financial outcomes for everyday people and  small businesses — most recently, leading design and  research for the small business group at Intuit, and  previously working hand-in-hand with a wide array of  fintech partners including large financial institutions,  payment providers, retailers, nonprofits, foundations  and the public sector.   Prior to her focus on the financial space, Leslie spent  a decade innovating with design firm IDEO, working  with clients like Air New Zealand, Amazon, Nike and  Walmart, and bringing to life new retail, hospitality  and health a wellness services. She helped conjure  and deliver concept customization environments for  Nike, a new children’s brand for American Eagle, a  comprehensive wellness strategy for Walmart, as well  as shape things like the leukemia and surgery patient  experience for University of Chicago hospitals, and a  radically new way of operating public housing oriented  toward gifting residents resources and teaching  behaviors of independence, called Ways and Means. Prior to IDEO, Leslie was an architect and an  academic. She received her Bachelor’s in Architecture  from Rice University and her Master of Architecture  from Princeton. She’s currently a board member for  Filoli Historic House a Gardens in California. In her  free time, you can find Leslie cooking, gardening and  playing piano with her twins.  

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