187: The 9th Mile

Savage life. A life of being great at what you do. A life where you become one of the top people in your field. The life that helps you become a part of the 1%. On today’s podcast, CJ talks about the importance of becoming a savage and doing it the right way. If you ever plan on being great or being apart of the 1% you have to learn how to be a savage. Grab your pen and paper, get ready to take notes and learn how to become a savage. Time Stamped Topics: [03:20] - Trey’s Comedy Corner [06:00] - Karl’s Steps [17:25] - FREE Does Cost [24:00] - On Purpose [30:00] - The Art of Savagery  [57:18] - Jemal Chimes In [1:10:00] - Invest In Yourself [1:19:00] - Focus on The Training Listener Perks: Organifi is giving our listeners 20% off of their order just go to www.organifi.com/success. Their superfood green juice powder allows you to get your greens anytime anywhere while on the go. Get fresh pre-measured ingredients delivered straight to your door with our sponsor Hello Fresh. Get $80 off your first month by using the promo code “SUCCESS80” Turn your passion into a profit with ETA’S certified speaking program. Visit www.etagamechangers.com. The Secrets to Success: Do not do anything where you don’t have a reason as to why you’re doing it. If you’re not a savage invest in yourself to become a savage. In order to attract a savage you must become a savage. It’s the process you should be clamoring over not the product. People who aren’t running your pace always talk about the past while the ones running with you are talking about the future. It’s not about the race it’s about the training for the race. ET Events:  Phenomenal Life 2020 Verified Conference August 9, 2019 1% Club New York August 23, 2019 1% Club New Orleans September 12, 2019 1% Club DC Oct. 5-6 Get connected with a network of over 3,500 people who listen to ET, and embodies the work ethic and spirit of ET. To learn more about Breathe University. Subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts. 

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