Eps. 155 - Flu Game

On today’s podcast the guys talk about a characteristic that some of us struggle with. Confidence. How many of you are confident in your talents ? Confident in your abilities ? CJ notices that ET has been more confident this year than he’s been prior and on the flip side Karl admits to struggling with his own confidence. CJ steers the conversation in a way that will help listeners fix their confidence, while embracing their strengths and not focusing on their weaknesses. Time Stamped Topics: [05:00] - Earthquake CJ [16:21] - Christmas Tree from Hell [34:45] - Confidence [45:00] - The Other side of Confidence [1:00:00] - The Difference [1:15:00] - The Switch [1:32:51] - ET Post Office [1:35:06] - Nugget of The Day Listener Perks: Organifi is giving our listeners 20% off of their order just go to www.organifi.com/success. Their superfood green juice powder allows you to get your greens anytime anywhere while on the go. Join Breathe University this holiday season as we offer our low rate of $20/month. Get 3 courses taught by ET himself as well as access to a community of over 2,000 like minded individuals. Visit www.breatheuniversity.com and join TODAY ! The Secrets to Success: The Passport Personality Assessment www.etinspires.com/assessment Success is not keeping up with the jones it’s living your life on your own terms. When you’re in the natural you’re the best person you can be. What you need to get to the next level is just a belief in yourself. Perfection is not going to happen overnight. ET Events: Phenomenal Life Jamaica February 25 - March 3, 2019 Get connected with a network of over 3,500 people who listen to ET, and embodies the work ethic and spirit of ET. To learn more about Breathe University. Subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts.  

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