Eps. 82 - Optical Illusion

Today’s show is dedicated to Bryant Kilgo whose life was impacted greatly by ET. ET had an opportunity to meet his mother who informed him that Bryant passed away in June. ET and the entire ETA squad would like to send our condolences. Is the term fake it till you make it still valid ? Should current or future entrepreneurs still live with this mindset ? CJ poses this question as he talks about an encounter with someone he’s been helping out. The gentlemen was making things in his life look better than they were and CJ confronted him about it. The gentlemen then explains that he was doing what he thought the squad had to do to get on and then the lightbulb in CJ’s brain turned on. Did they fake it till they made it ? CJ talks about some things they did to make things seem better than they were. Several questions are posed. Were they guilty of doing something that they don’t like others doing ? What are the limits to faking it till you make it ? How long do you fake it till you make it? As you find out the answers to these questions in this episode keep in mind one thing. The biggest problem with faking like you have things together is that you could repel the real help you need. The person who could help you get to the next level could be watching you live your fake lifestyle. Time Stamped Topics [02:55] - Am I Tripping Or ? [20:27] - PayPal Business Contest [25:35] - Fake It Till You Make It [56:40] - Ask ET [1:18:20] - Jalin’s first 2 months w/ETA [1:30:05] - Nugget of The Day Our sponsor Paypal is giving away $10,000 to entrepreneurs to give their business a Makeover. Apply for your chance to win cash, publicity, and a free one-on-one consultation. Here is the 4 Animals Assessment the guys keep referring to. Find out if you’re a flamingo, gorilla, turtle, or chameleon. Things To Think About: “To transition from where you are to where you’re going is steep and it can get discouraging.” “When a person with money meets a person with experience the person with experience will get some money and the money person with money will get experience.” “There are some things that you need to put in the atmosphere but they to have a location.” “The worst thing in the world is to get an opportunity and NOT be ready for it.” Upcoming Events: Miami, Fl August 5 Thank God I’m Married Conference Detroit, Mi August 24 Take Control Entrepreneurship Series: You Owe You Washington, D.C. September 2 Stay Ready Conference Phenomenal Life Cruise next March. See live tapings of the podcast and meet the entire squad. If you need to take your career or your marriage to the next level come out and join us in one or both of these cities. Get connected with a network of over 3,500 people who listen to ET, and embodies the work ethic and spirit of ET. To learn more about Breathe University. Subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts    

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