BTU #321 - Emotional Intelligence (Kerri Meyer)

Why Listen Today is a skill episode, where I meet with an expert to learn a skill that will help any military Veteran in their civilian career. Today, I talk with Kerry Meyer about emotional intelligence. And Kerri makes some incredible statements about how - if you are going to pick one skill to learn - emotional intelligence is HANDS DOWN the one to pick, with a clear and direct impact on your earning potential AND very clear ways to start to improve your EQ, no matter where it is today. Often on Beyond the Uniform, my guests talk about how military Veterans are perceived in interviews and in the workplace as being harsh, abrasive, and and un-empathetic. We talk about how to avoid those stereotypes and - just in case they’re true - improve in each of those areas.    If you like this episode, be sure to check out  BTU #118 - Empathy a Non-violent communication (NVC) -   You’ll find links to each of those episodes in the show notes for this episode at, where you’ll also find over 300 other completely free episodes, a whole host of online events, webinars and more.   About Kerri Kerri Meyer is the CEO of Sync Learning. She has spent over 22 years in Corporate America, in Operations, Support and Learning a Development roles, including leading teams at Intuit, Symantec and Veritas Technologies, where she was most recently Director of Learning a Performance.

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