132 – Motivation Pt. 1: The Myth of Self Discipline

Part 1 of 3 in our series on Motivation starts with The Myth Of Self Discipline found in Gary Keller's book The ONE Thing. In this episode, you learn: - Why you don't need more discipline than you already have - What "disciplined" people actually have - What you need to choose get more control in your life - Why willpower is like your mobile phone - The best way to build habits Show Notes Links and resources at http://recoveredman.com/132 Coaching With Matt Dobschuetz http://recoveredman.com/coaching Contibute to Pornfree Radio http://recoveredman.com/contribute Facebook https://www.facebook.com/recoveredman Twitter http://twitter.com/recoveredman Google+ https://plus.google.com/+MattDobschuetz FEEDBACK http://recoveredman.com/contact-matt/ Thanks for all your ratings and reviews in iTunes. If you haven’t had a chance yet please subscribe in iTunes and leave a rating or review because that helps get the word out. The post 132 – Motivation Pt. 1: The Myth of Self Discipline appeared first on Recovered Man.

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