077 Seven Deadly Excuses

In each Pornfree Radio podcast, a sale is made. Either you buy what I'm selling about being porn free or you sell me an excuse why you can't. In this episode, we talk about the seven deadly excuses that come up when trying to quit porn. DISCLAIMER: These excuses are not aimed at anyone specific. If they sound familiar it's because I hear them a lot. Get Access to Relapse Video Series http://recoveredman.com/relapse Contibute to Pornfree Radio http://recoveredman.com/contribute 1-on-1 Coaching With Matt http://recoveredman.com/coaching Show Notes Links and show notes at http://recoveredman.com/77 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dobberco Twitter http://twitter.com/MattDobschuetz Google+ https://plus.google.com/+MattDobschuetz FEEDBACK http://recoveredman.com/contact-matt/ Thanks for all your ratings and reviews in iTunes. If you haven’t had a chance yet please subscribe in iTunes and leave a rating or review because that helps get the word out. The post 077 Seven Deadly Excuses appeared first on Recovered Man.

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