053 How Do I Know If I’m Getting Better?

If everything I do is preventative, setting up filters, rules, boundaries,etc. -- how do I know if I'm recovering? Am I really getting better? What are proactive things can I do speed up my recovery? Register for our free Webinar 5 Essential Habits of Porn Free People Wed Nov. 11. 8PM CST. http://recoveredman.com/webinar Sprint Coaching Openings Are you getting stuck? I want to help you. I have openings for 1-1 Sprint Coaching. Sprint coaching is the fastest way to get a recovery plan in place and start taking action. Fill out an application here and we’ll set up a free 30-min session to see if Sprint Coaching is right for you. http://recoveredman.com/coaching Show Notes Links and show notes at http://recoveredman.com/53 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dobberco Twitter http://twitter.com/MattDobschuetz Google+ https://plus.google.com/+MattDobschuetz FEEDBACK http://recoveredman.com/contact-matt/ The post 053 How Do I Know If I’m Getting Better? appeared first on Recovered Man.

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