173 // Where It All Began (Exquisite Corpse - Dissecting Alien: Covenant Part One)

When Alien: Covenant was released in theaters back in 2017, it was nothing short of explosive. EVERYONE had an opinion about it. And for a lot of us in Alien fandom, Covenant represents a painful time in our community.

But why? What is it about this movie that inspires such intense reactions, good and bad?

Join Jaime and Patrick as they revisit the very first on-air discussion they ever had (way back in Episode 59). How does Alien: Covenant sit now, four years after its release? What themes have stood the test of time; what has soured with age? Where do we go from here? How did we get here in the first place?

This is the first episode of a full, extended series that many of you have been asking for. We're calling it "Exquisite Corpse - Dissecting Alien: Covenant." And we can't wait to take this journey with you.

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