Should I Quit My Job? How to know if it's ok

Walk through the four questions you must ask yourself before giving yourself permission to make a substantial life change and leave the work that doesn’t fit you. How to determine if you can make a clean getaway or if it’s time to find a bridge job to get you where you want to go. Find out what can happen if you jump right into an opportunity just because it’s there without first doing the work to figure out what you want. How taking a sabbatical, if you can endure it financially, can lead you to the right next steps. How to get past the fear that you will just be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. When is it okay to leave your job with nothing else lined up? Learn how much time you should budget to allow you to find your next opportunity that is the right fit. Learn about a bridge job and whether it’s a good step for you.

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