Episode 10—Discussions on Hiring as a Global Humanism

Episode 10 features a discussion with Gareth Flynn. He is the managing director of TQ solutions, an advisory and solutions firm for talent acquisition, recruitment, and careers related projects; the co-founder and director of The Career Conversation—a company specializing in digital microlearning and lifelong career development; and a technology advisor and mentor with Udder— a team of experienced recruitment, talent, and HR technology specialists. Gareth traveled all the way from Melbourne, Australia to San Francisco for Hire 20. Our discussion begins with his general take on the conference and why it’s a unique experience for someone who works in talent acquisition outside of the US. Other topics discussed include the talent shortage as a global phenomenon, microlearning and career development, the increasing importance of creative skills in the modern workforce, and the ways in which technology can actually make us more human.

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