Heidi Mueller

On today’s show, Sarah talks with Heidi Mueller. Heidi is a former lawyer who is now the Director of the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice.  In this conversation, Heidi shares about: Why she had an inkling that she might want to leave law firm life even before she started; How she struggled with guilt over the fact that she didn’t like working as a big firm lawyer; The article she read that affirmed her decision to leave; Why she freaked out just as she was leaving her firm, even though she knew she wanted to leave; How she got hired for multiple jobs after leaving the law firm without ever again applying for a job; How a complete stranger was the person who seemed most disturbed by her choice to leave law practice; Why therapy can be so helpful when you are making a decision about leaving the law; How you can get more involved in juvenile justice work if you’re interested; and much more! Take the guesswork out of your first steps to leaving the law by grabbing Sarah’s free guide at formerlawyer.com/guide! Connect with Former Lawyer on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

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