#57 | College “Cheat Codes” and How Gen-Z Can Leverage LinkedIn with Justin Nguyen

WARNING: This is not your parent’s career advice. This is Gen Z-er, Justin Nguyen’s, careers-for-peers approach that has 18, 19 and 20-year old's binge-listening his podcast and contributing crowdsourced, real-time data for young job hunters. He leads from experience. After college-age, Justin sent out a fruitless pile of internship applications, he discovered, over a dish of ice cream, that the real path to Fortune 500 internships is networking.  Then he landed three of them. While prestigious internships look amazing on a LinkedIn profile, sleepy data points alone do not produce job offers. Justin recommends something else, something much easier, to add to LinkedIn that really opens the doors of career opportunity.Justin is the founder of GetChoGrindUp, a movement to help students navigate their way through college.  He is also the host of an iTunes top 100 podcast, Declassified College Podcast (on Apple). Forward this podcast to: ·         A college student following a parent’s dream ·         Career-hunter using LinkedIn Join Our Podcast Email List!   Follow Our Podcast:Website: Listen To Our Podcast HereYouTube Channel   Twitter   LinkedIn  Facebook   InstagramAll Things College and CareerMeg's LinkedIn   Bobbie's LinkedInACADEMIC a CAREER ADVISING SERVICES:Visit Website:  Academic and Career Advising ServicesSchedule an Appointment with Academic a Career Advising ServicesEmail Meg:  meg@academicandcareeradvisingservices.comMusic Production by Lena Ozea:  Lena Ozea Sound CloudTechnical Production:  Richard Barnett Show Notes Follow Justin on LinkedIn (or reach out to him)GetChoGrindUpDeclassified College Podcast (on Apple)University of TampaUniversity of Central FloridaGary VaynerchukMr. Beast YouTube ChannelColin and SamirImmigration Nation Trailer on Netflixl

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