#33 | Do You Want to Become a Lawyer? Interested in Law School? Learn all about it with Attorney, Brea Croteau

In this podcast we welcome Brea Croteau, a young and very accomplished attorney.  We invited Brea on our podcast to share what it takes to become a successful attorney.  If you are interested in law school or working as an attorney, this podcast episode is for you!  Brea shares her journey from when she first became interested in law, to what she did in high school and college to prepare for law school and what her three years of law school were like.  We also discuss the LSAT, the Bar Exam, Law Review and Moot Court!  Brea shares what her “typical” day is like on the job and the advantages and drawbacks of becoming a lawyer. Learn what Brea thinks is the most important thing every student who is considering the path should know. Brea was a standout student at Georgia State College of Law in Atlanta, Georgia, where she participated in Moot Court and Law Review, and then went on to land a great job at a large firm in Atlanta, Georgia.   We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we did! Join Our Podcast Email List!    Follow Our Podcast:Website: Listen To Our Podcast HereYouTube Channel   Twitter   LinkedIn  Facebook   InstagramAll Things College and CareerMeg's LinkedIn   Bobbie's LinkedIn  Music Production by Lena Keller:  lena.m.keller@gmail.comTechnical Production:  Richard Barnett SHOW NOTES:Georgia State University | College of LawUniversity of Georgia | UGAKilpatrick  Townsend a StocktonUGA MiracleLSAT Test Preparation | PowerScore

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