Katie Argall


In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Katie Argall, a high school teacher and basketball coach from Atlanta, GA. 

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Katie was always the tallest and biggest of her friends, which made her stand out. She played basketball in high school and college but injured her back, and eventually needed surgery. This affected her activity level, which caused weight gain. This also began Katie's cycle of dieting.

In 2019, Katie learned about IF from her principal. She began with a 16:8 protocol, but quickly moved to 20:4. She has lost 40 pounds.

Katie has experienced clearer skin, a major reduction of inflammation, and less back pain. 

She is in the process of healing diet mentality, and she loves how IF has freed her from the constant worry about food. 

Katie's advice: Use an app to track your fasts. Everything is a choice. Whatever you choose, it will have results either today or a year from now.  

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