75~ Lauren Fadeley Veyette a Francis Veyette, Principal Dancers with Pennsylvania Ballet - Part 2

Today I continue with Part Two of my interview with Lauren and Francis as we dive deeper into turning hurdles or disappointments into opportunities to learn and grow. As you will hear, Francis leaves the interview to meet with a friend ~ Matthew Neenan who will be a guest in an upcoming episode.  Before he leaves, however, he shares with us his words of wisdom for aspiring dancers. Lauren and I continue our discussion as she shares with me what it was really like to to dance in the hit movie, "Black Swan". (she still received royalty checks from that experience)  Be sure to take a look at their Shownotes page where you will see some fantastic footage of their photo shoot with award winning photographer (and Balancing Pointe's previous guest), Jordan Matter.   You can find their show notes page at BalancingPointe.com under Podcast.

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