53 - Mikayla Lambert, School of American Ballet, NYC

Mikayla Lambert high school senior and a student of the School of American Ballet which is the official training academy of the New York City Ballet, which was established in 1934 by legendary choreographer George Balanchine and philanthropist Lincoln Kirstein as the first and most essential step in their quest to create an American classical ballet company. SAB, located at New York City's Lincoln Center, is today the premier ballet academy in the United States, training more students who go on to become professional dancers than any other school. SAB's former students fill the ranks of the New York City Ballet and other leading U.S. and international ballet companies. Students who train year round first attend a five-week Summer Course at SAB.  Acceptance into the Summer course is by audition only.  SAB  accepts only 200 ballet students from around the world.  As soon as the Summer Course classes commence, SAB’s faculty begin to closely assess summer students’ potential for year-round training at SAB.  By the end of the five weeks, a very select few dancers are invited to stay and train with the school for their winter term.    In any given year, approximately 15 percent of summer students are invited to continue at SAB as Winter Term students. Mikayla Lambert who is one of these select students.       

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