26 - Barre Food Bar-Part Two

The Barre Story In 2010, professional ballet dancers Julia Erickson and Aaron Ingley set out to create Barre Food, a health-minded snack bar that provides exceptional nutritional fortification specifically for the elite athleticism  and precision artistry of a dancer. As all professional dancers do, they experienced physically demanding rehearsals coupled with little time to eat. Dissatisfied with the energy bars on the market, Julia retreated to her own kitchen and developed an easy-to-consume, highly nutritious and great tasting bar. Marketing her creations to colleagues in the studio and students at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School, they quickly developed a following. Julia knew she could fulfill a need in the market and enlisted the talent of her friend and business partner Aaron. Today, Barre produces and distributes health-minded snacks and performance products specially formulated to live up to the rigors of such a demanding artist-athlete lifestyle. Barre is proud to donate a portion of its proceeds to arts education programs, to help increase access to art across all levels of society and give back to that which has been such an important part of their lives. We think there are many parallels. Don't people say that ballet is the best training for, well, almost anything?! Hard work, faith in oneself, dedication, a hunger to fulfill one’s potential…these are all things required for success in both careers.

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