10- Rhee Gold - Dance Studio Life Magazine, Motivational speaker

Rhee Gold is a motivational powerhouse and entrepreneur. He is dedicated to inspiring dance teachers to provide positive instruction and curriculum amidst the sometimes negative edge of the growing world of the competition dance circuit. We came to know him a few years ago through his Facebook page. Positive Dance Moms (and Dads) created in response to the popular but controversial Lifetime Television program Dance Moms. The page, updated daily with inspirational posts, reminds us all of the positive role we do and can play in our children’s lives as dancers. When we discovered Rhee, little did we know the extent of his true force of inspiration. He is the publisher of Dance Studio Life magazine, the producer of DanceLifeTV.com, the founder and director of DanceLife Teacher Conference, DanceLife Retreat Center and Project Motivate. As the dance field's first motivational speaker, he has traveled the world presenting motivational and business seminars, as well as keynote addresses for conferences and conventions. His philosophies for the classroom, inspiring students, successful studio ownership and respect for all dance teachers, along with his unmatched passion for dance education have changed the way thousands of teachers and school owners perceive and approach their profession.

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